The core of Aven's business is wood, directly from forestry.

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Quality packaging in no time.

There are no limits for us when it comes to challenging ourselves within wooden packaging. Thanks to the quality of the wood we use, there are countless possibilities to create the right packaging for your needs.

Many of our packaging solutions, such as pallets, are readily available in standard sizes, and you can order them from day to day, so you don't need to have more on hand than what you immediately need.



Each pallet design has some form of customer-specific feature. It is based on the customer's needs that we develop the pallet as well as any packaging if needed.

Each design is unique based on customer requirements. Together with the customer, we develop an optimal design. If there is an existing design, there may also be potential for cost efficiency and/or product development.

A traditional pallet that can be handled from four sides. We manufacture the pallet in many different formats; ranging from the standard size of 800x1200 mm to more customer-specific formats.

A traditional pallet that can only be handled from two sides (also known as a stringer pallet). We manufacture the pallet in many different formats, entirely according to customer needs. This construction often provides excellent performance for the money.

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We can offer a complete solution by providing Euro pallets, pallet collars, pallet lids, and inserts.

  • EUR pallets: 800x1200 mm
  • Half pallets 600x800 mm

- Full pallet: 800x1200x200 mm 
- Half pallet: 600x800 mm

- Full pallet: 800x1200x200 mm 
- Half pallet: 600x800 mm

- We offer them in hardboard, plywood, OSB, cardboard, and corrugated cardboard.
- Standard dimensions: 745x1145 mm and 545x745 mm

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Wooden and plywood boxes

Each box has some form of customer-specific characteristic, whether it is made of plywood or wood. It is based on the customer's requirements that we develop the packaging. It is not uncommon for us to use complementary materials to best meet the customer's packaging requirements.

A special box can be constructed in many different ways and consist of several different materials. For example, wood, plywood, corrugated cardboard, metal, etc. It is the customer's requirements that determine the construction and material choices. Together with our customers, we develop a design that is optimal for their products and also where it will be shipped so that we can issue the correct labeling.

By using the unique properties of plywood, we can manufacture very lightweight and durable boxes. The construction is highly appreciated as it is less bulky. This results in lower storage costs and lower shipping costs. When packing, the plywood box is assembled in a smart way as the packing progresses, providing a more ergonomic working method than packing in a traditional box construction. We can also provide the right tools for optimal assembly.

Of course, we offer this traditional construction in our range. They are most commonly made of wood but can also be combined with other materials such as plywood, corrugated cardboard, metal, etc.

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Return packaging

If you have old pallets you no longer use, we can assist you practically. We buy, sell, and repair used pallets:

  • EUR pallets
  • Half pallets
  • One-way pallets
  • Pallet collars
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High quality, delivery reliability, and functionality.

Delivery above all.

For us, proximity to the customer is crucial when it comes to delivery precision. That's why we have several factories in the Nordic region. All our products, even the most complicated ones, should be efficiently produced to the right quality at the right time.